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Small Condo Decor 101

Small Condo Decor 101

As condo developers rush to capitalize on the demand for new, affordable housing units across Toronto, it seems that condos are getting smaller and smaller by the day!

While that may seem to be an unfortunate trade-off, there’s actually plenty of upside when it comes to smaller units. Smaller units tend to be more affordable, and allow prospective buyers to live closer to downtown for the same budget.

And with the right décor, smaller units can also be made the perfect mix of functional, stylish, and cozy.

Here are some décor tips to make the most of a small condo!


1. Separate your Spaces

Image from: CondoLiving


The last thing you want is for your small space to look disorganized and messy.

While open-concept sounds like a good fit for small condos, the lack of definition can often end up making the space chaotic.

Instead, try to define specific areas of your unit for specific purposes, and use furniture to emphasize each area.

For example, use a space divider in your studio apartment to separate your living area from your sleeping area. Or use your coat and shoe racks to round off your entry way.

Other ideas include laying a rug to define an area, or using different floorings for each area. You can also use plants and props to give each area a distinct and separate feel from the rest of the house.


2. Get Multi-Purpose Furniture

Image: Murphy Bed


Since space is at a premium in a small condo, consider investing in pieces of furniture that can serve multiple uses.

For example, a bed that can be folded up into a sofa is ideal for a studio unit.

Ottomans with hidden storage spaces, expandable desks, and other types of modular furniture will allow you to do more while occupying less space.

Make sure that you choose size-appropriate pieces for your space. You don’t want your home to appear stuffy.


3. Make the Most of Unused Space

Image Source: Vogue TW/IKEA


Corners, blank walls, doorways, windowsills… identify unused spaces around your condo and think of ways to make them useful.

Try to think vertically as much as possible. Instead of trying to have everything within reach, consider storing less frequently used items in shelves that are higher up.


4. Use Lighter Colors

Image from: Dona Rosene Interiors


Rich, darker colors can make spaces look smaller, while lighter shades can make your space seem airier and more open.

Build a palette out of two lighter shades for the majority of your furniture, and one darker accent color for visual contrast.

Feel free to mix it up with bold colored furniture, but avoid using too many colors since they can overwhelm in a small space


5. Unclutter regularly

Image from: Allen+Killcoyne Architects


You can’t afford clutter when you’re living in a small unit!

Make an active effort to identify possessions that are no longer necessary, and declutter your home at least once or twice a year.

Better yet, do it in small bursts. It’s much easier to manage when you take care of small areas one at a time.


The Final Word

Smaller spaces do come with some trade-offs, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much functionality AND aesthetic pleasure you can get from even the tiniest studio space.

As long as you keep your space organized and invest in the right kinds of furniture and décor, you’ll have a home that is both comfortable to live in and beautiful to look at.

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