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6 Multipurpose Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

6 Multipurpose Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

While living in a condo has many benefits, it does have one limitation – space is at a premium!

That’s why it’s important to plan ahead so that you can make use of every square inch of your suite in the best way possible.

In a previous post, we’ve shared some general tips for small condo decor, and in this one we’ll share some ideas for multipurpose furniture that are functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

For the Living Room

If you have plan on having guests coming over frequently, consider getting something like a Palazzo Sofa Bed.

The sofa ingeniously transforms into a bunk bed, creating “a multi-functional living space without sacrificing comfort or style.” Although a regular sofa bed could just as easily have enough room for two guests, the verticality of this sofa means you won’t have to move surrounding furniture around in order to make room.

To save even more space in your living room, you can consider getting something like this Mid-Century Pop-Up Storage Coffee Table

It features a pop-up top to reveal enough storage space inside to hold books, magazines, and electronics, while the pop-up itself can be used as a comfortable work desk.

For the Bedroom

To deal with limited storage space in your bedroom, consider getting something like the South Shore SoHo Ottoman Queen storage bed.

The slat frame lifts with ease, giving you access to a large space where you can store seasonal clothing, sports equipment and other items that you won’t be needing access to every day.

The modern style and neutral finish go well with pretty much any color scheme.

Or, if you’re even more pressed for space, consider getting a Murphy Bed.

It has shelves along the sides to store your items, and a bed that, when folded up, reveals a desk that never tilts, meaning anything you put on it will stay upright even when you fold it up!

For the Kitchen/Dining Room

It can be difficult finding enough space to keep a large dining table in a small condo, but with something like the Duke Extending Console DiningTable you can fold it up for day to day use, and expand it when you have more guests over.

You can also save space using a Winsome Wood Space Saver Drop Leaf Kitchen Cart, which comes with 2 stools that can be stored in the cart itself, and includes a drop leaf table that accommodates 2 people.

The Final Word

If you’re considering getting a condo but are worried about the space limitations, rest assured that there are many options for space saving furniture available to you.

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